About Us

At J.A. Lankford and Co. we have over 30 years experience in handling commercial real
    estate sales, leasing, management, development and rehabilitation.

Our goal is to match tenants to our properties. We aim to to find a location that provides a business
    the best opportunity to succeed.  This philosophy  has led to a success rate of 95% continuous
    occupancy for all of our developed and managed properties.

We specialize in development, leasing and management of small, "Class A" retail centers, office
    buildings and historic properties.

We also rehabilitate historic structures and build new developments that compliment and blend with
    the surrounding community's character and customs.

Our Mission

We strive to provide our clients with:

Cost effective planning

Factual research

Fair negotiations

Fast, thorough results

Quality planning that includes attractive, efficient and dependable building designs

Traditional concepts that incorporate progressive management techniques

High-quality maintenance results in stable occupancy and greater rent production for property owners

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